I’m James, a wedding photographer based in Kent

I’m not like the other photographers you’ve looked at, though. I don’t just take photos. I tell stories.

Bride Celebrates after signing the register
bride and groom laughing during first dance
Bride and groom laugh during wedding ceremony
documentary wedding photo of bride and groom laughing with guests
documentary wedding photo of bride and groom walking in the park
Bride and groom cuddle during the first dance
wedding photo of the bride cheering at the alter with her husband
documentary style wedding photo of the groom signing the register while the witnesses look on
wedding photo of the bride and groom during the first dance
candid wedding photo of a gust talking to the bride
Bride and groom walk through a field

A visual story teller

More specifically, I tell the story of your wedding day through pictures. Beautiful pictures that are candid and largely unposed. Unique pictures that could only belong to you. Natural photos that capture your day exactly as it was, so you remember it for the rest of your life. No cheesy smiles. No uncomfortable poses. The freedom to enjoy your day, the one you’ve been planning for months and waiting for all your life, completely uninterrupted.

You enjoy the moment. I’ll take care of the photos

“The moments he captured were so natural and beautiful and we barely noticed he was there!”

-Sarah & Kevin-

What is Documentary Wedding photography?

Some people may ask "what is documentary wedding photography?" The genre has several different names including wedding photojournalism, reportage wedding photography, candid wedding photography and of course documentary. To me they are all different ways to describe the same style, simply put it is "un-orchestrated and honest wedding photography." I will not be asking you to stare down the the barrel of the lens and put on a fake, awkward smile and I will not stop the flow of your day to repeatedly take posed photos. I will be capturing real, honest moments as they unfold on your special day.

"My pictures tell the story of your wedding day through the people you invite"

By that, I mean, the candid images that I take capture real moments from your wedding, real interactions between your guests and a true depiction of your day. These real moments weave together to form the narrative that tells the story of your wedding.

Bride and groom sign register
father of the bride walking his daughter down the aisle
bride and groom smiling at each other during the first dance

“It took us so long to choose our wedding photographer and I am so pleased we chose you. I think I chose the best wedding photographer in Kent! We love our photos so much! ”

-Lucy & Steven-