"Kent Wedding Photographer For Hire" - But why book me?

My name is James and I am a wedding photographer in Kent. I cover Sussex, Essex, London, Surrey, Buckinghamshire and pretty much anywhere else as I enjoy traveling. I have written this post to try and help you decide if I am the right wedding photographer for you. There is a basic 'About Me' section on the website that tells you the usual facts but in this post I am hoping to try and go into more detail about me as a wedding photographer and why you should consider booking me.

Flower girl dancing at a wedding in kent

Wedding Photography at St Marys Art Centre in Sandwich Kent


I have photographed hundreds of weddings in Kent and the wider South East of England, I have had the pleasure of capturing countless special moments for couples on their big day. This job has given me the opportunity to photograph couples wedding stories in some of the most varied locations you could imagine. From castles, to cathedrals, country mansions, registry offices and family homes. This experience allows me to remain calm on your wedding day and to work quickly and quietly without getting in the way. The last thing you want is a photographer running around making a racket and distracting everyone from having a nice time. Over the years I have learned to anticipate what might happen and to be ready to capture those unexpected, photo worthy, moments that can flash past in mere seconds. Right from the start of the wedding day through the exchange of vows to the dance floor, there are interesting little moments breaking out everywhere waiting to be photographed. Obviously I photograph the normal parts of the day, the ceremony, first dance etc but it's capturing those moments in-between that will make your wedding photos unique to you.

The photos above and below are examples of me anticipating the right moment to photograph. The flower girl got a little bored during the speeches so begun to quietly dance near some light from a large window. I waited for her to dance through the light captured this moment. The wonderfully, helpful wedding guest in the photo below went to get the bridesmaids flowers for a quick group photo. On his way back the bridesmaids gave him a cheer of thanks and in the blink of an eye he did this amazing leap.

Kent Wedding Photographer wedding guest having fun

Wedding Photography at The Secret Garden In Ashford, Kent

I Love My Job

I really do love my job, I think I have the best job in the world. I am trusted to photograph some of most important moments in peoples life's and I get to do it in a photography style that I enjoy. Through my documentary wedding photography style I capture the beautiful, honest, emotional and fun moments of a wedding day.

Photography is my passion, there is no better feeling than waiting for that decisive moment to unfold in front of me and then freezing it in time as a photograph. For me every time I put the camera to my eye I am fully immersed in that moment, focusing in on what is happening in the frame. I simply love photography.

How I Work - The Storytelling Approach

Working mainly in a documentary wedding photography style allows me to become an invisible observer amidst all the chaos and magic of a wedding day. Photographing those moments enables me to freeze fleeting moments that would otherwise vanish into thin air.

I try to quietly and calmly manoeuvre between guests, between the little moments that make up your wedding day, making photographs as I go. Often photographing things that you would miss on the day as you are so busy having a great time. Just like this little moment below where the page boy was literally having the best time running around with a bucket on his head.

Wedding page boy playing wedding in Kent

Wedding Photography at The Crescent Turner Hotel in Whitstable, Kent

When it comes to capturing your wedding day, my aim is to tell your unique wedding story through the photographs that I take. Most wedding days follow a similar pattern but the moments that make up that day are completely different. Having photographed numerous weddings I am able to calmly, quietly adapt to every wedding day and ensure that I capture those unique moments. Just like this one below. After the wedding the bride's Gran came and gave her a hug making this beautiful moment as they cuddled under the umbrellas (would you believe this was August! Classic British summer).

Bride and groom hug granny at wedding in Faversham

Wedding Photography at a family home in Faversham, Kent

Documentary style! Do I still take posed photos?

Absolutely, for all couples that want them. Some couples do want posed photos and some do not. I will never push you to pose, It is your wedding day so you should be free to do it your way.

If you would like some posed couples photos and some family group photos I am more than happy to take these for you, and to offer direction in terms of posing. I will ask a few weeks before your wedding what you would prefer. At the same time I also ask for a list of any family group photos that you would like taken.

Kent wedding photography, bride and groom posing

Wedding Photography at The Crescent Turner Hotel in Whitstable

Affordable Wedding Photographer

I pride myself on being an affordable wedding photographer who doesn't compromise on quality. I believe that every couple deserves to have beautiful, timeless photographs to cherish for a lifetime, without breaking the bank. These photos are important to each couple and for their family. In the future, they also become precious, family heirlooms for the generations to come. My wedding was ten years ago, my daughter is seven so she obviously was not there for our wedding but several times a year she loves to look at our wedding photos. She enjoys seeing family members she knows looking younger and people that she sadly never got to know. I fully understand how important these photos are.

You will see that my price is lower than most photographers at a similar level to me. I am very conscious to ensue that I try to always remain an affordable wedding photographer. Wedding Photography is my full time job, I do not have another "normal" job in the week and only photograph weddings at weekends like some photographers. This means that I have to deliver at every wedding as this job literally pays the mortgage. I remember when my wife and I were married ten years ago (before I was a wedding photographer) everything was so expensive, this personal experience is reflected in my price, I want as many couples as possible to be able to have professional wedding photos without the price being horrendously expensive.

Wedding photograph at The Orangery In Maidstone Kent

Wedding Photography at The Orangery In Maidstone, Kent

Keeping It Simple

I try and keep my pricing as simple as possible with no catches and no small print. From looking at other photographers you may have seen packages that cover a wide range of hours, 8 hours, 10 hours, 12 hours and more. Then you have to try and work out how many hours of photography you need while trying to plan your wedding day. It can become a headache so to keep things simple I offer just one full day package that covers the whole day no matter how long it is. No paying more just because your first dance is at 8:30pm instead of 7:30pm or because your ceremony is at 12pm not 2pm. The full day package will cover from bridal prep in the morning all the way until just after the first dance in the evening, no matter how long that is.

There are no restrictions on how you use your photos, no watermarks that you have to pay extra to remove and no time limits on downloading them. You will have full high resolution photos that are yours to do with as you please. No hidden catches.

You can further customise the package to add things such as a photo book or if you want me there until midnight to capture those party photos. It is completely up to you.

Father of the bride hugs daughter Kent Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography at Dover Marina Hotel & Spa In Maidstone, Kent. Father of the bride & daughter


Along with my aim to ensure I am an affordable wedding photographer, I understand the importance of delivering high-quality results. I believe that your wedding photography should be nothing short of stunning, and I take great pride in ensuring that each image I deliver is of the highest standard. I also have in place everything a professional wedding photographer should have including:


I am fully insured for both liability and indemnity. I have certificates that are renewed each year if you, or your venue need to see them.

Backup Equipment

I will not arrive at your wedding with just one camera as things can go wrong. I will always have four cameras with me at every wedding. I work a two camera system, meaning I will use two camera simultaneously all day with two different lens on them. I will have a small bag on me at all times with a third camera in as a back up and a further spare camera in the car. It Is rare, but I have had two occasions where a camera has failed over the years and on both occasions I have easily switched to one of the backups. I also have spare memory cards, flashes, camera straps etc with me at every wedding.

Memory Card Backup

Modern memory cards rarely go wrong and I have never had one have any issues to date but things could happen. With this in mind, each of my cameras has duel memory card slots so every single photo that I take is recorded twice inside each camera just incase one of the memory cards fails.

Backup Data Process

I have a full backup process for your files. When I get home each night after a wedding I copy the files to my PC, then to an external hard drive and they are also automatically backed up into the cloud. I also take the actual memory cards from the cameras and lock them away safely at home, they will not be used again until your photos are delivered to you. Before I go to sleep your photos are safely stored in four locations, just incase.

Kent wedding Photographer, bride walking along a river

Candid wedding photography in Kent. The couple walking along the river in Maidstone.

What Couples Say About Me

Choosing the right wedding photographer is a big decision, and hearing from other happy couples is vital to choosing a photographer. Here are some snippets from testimonials, emails and feedback I have had from couples who have booked me as their wedding photographer.

"From our initial meeting, we knew that we had found the perfect wedding photographer. Your passion and professionalism were evident, and we loved that you took the time to understand our vision for the day. The final photographs were absolutely stunning, capturing every special moment beautifully. We couldn't have asked for a better experience." - Sarah and Jonas

"We are so grateful to have chosen James as our wedding photographer. His attention to detail and ability to capture the actual emotion of the day was remarkable. The photographs are simply breathtaking and exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend him to anyone looking for an affordable wedding photographer who actually does deliver the results." - Richard and David

“It took us so long to choose our wedding photographer and I am so pleased we chose you. I think I chose the best wedding photographer in Kent! We love our photos so much! ” - Lucy and Steven

Choosing a wedding photographer is an important decision, so if you would like to see some more verified reviews simply google "Soules Photography" and you will be able to see my five star reviews.

I have rambled on a bit in this blog post but I hope this helps you decide if I am the right Wedding Photographer for you. If you want to get in touch to check if I am free on your wedding day click on the link below.

happy bride and groom at a Kent wedding

Wedding Photography In Canterbury, Kent at Wellington House

Wedding Photography in Kent. Confetti photo

Wedding Photographed at Mary Immaculate & St Gregory the Great Church in Barnet, London. Always make sure you have plenty of confetti

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