Isle of Thanet Wedding Photography

I travel all over the country to photograph weddings but there is something magical about the light on the Isle of Thanet in Kent. The area is rich in coastlines, beaches, countryside and has beautiful wedding venues. The amazing artist JMW Turner had a love for Kent, more specifically the Isle of Thanet. He spent much of his time painting in the seaside town of Margate. His love for light is clearly seen in his work.

I try to only photograph with the natural light that is available to me. I find it helps me create the contrasty, filmic look that I like to give my photographs. Secondly, by not having the bright white light of a flash firing every few minutes I do not draw attention to myself, leaving everyone's focus on the bride and groom, as it should be.

Below are five photographs from different wedding venues in or very close to the Isle of Thanet that all have fantastic natural light.

Bride placing wedding ring on Grooms finger Ramsgate registry office

Aberdeen House - Ramsgate

Aberdeen House is the local Registry Office. It is a large converted house in the seaside town of Ramsgate. Much like many other registry offices you will only ever see the room that you get married in and the room that you wait to be married in.

What I like about Aberdeen House are the beautiful large windows that you are married in front of. You can chose to be married outside in the small garden but I would recommend the room in this photo, the light through those large windows is really beautiful all year round.

In this photo the young ring bearer has just handed the grooms wedding ring to the bride who is about to place this on her soon to be husband's fingers. The couple are bathed in the natural window light really lifting them away from the background of the room.

father of the bride looks out of window at bride in Broadstairs Kent

The Yarrow Hotel - Broadstairs

The Yarrow Hotel in Broadstairs has a large outside space for weddings, this along with the very attentive staff make it a great wedding venue. My favourite spot is actually inside, just off the main bar upstairs in the hotel there are a series of large windows that look out onto the grounds below. These windows create a space with stunning light.

Here we can see the father of the bride sat at one of these windows taking a moment to himself while he looks down happily at his daughter below while she enjoys her wedding day. The light that pours through these windows is beautiful, even on a dull day the light is stunning.

The Blue Pigeons - Worth

Now Worth is not in Thanet but it's a mere 10 minutes away by car. I have shot several weddings at The Blue Pigeon's and have several more booked for 2021. It is one of my favourite venues in the whole of Kent, so it made the list!

What can I say about the Blue Pigeons? Simply, "amazing." The staff and the venue are wonderful, very attentive to the couple and the food, the food is simply divine. Some of my favourite meals while working at a wedding have been at The Blue Pigeons, it is possibly the best food I have had at a wedding.

In the photo above we see the couple walking up the aisle smiling as they walk through a flutter of confetti bathed in the gorgeous June light. There is a wonderful outside space here for wedding guests to enjoy. This space is almost hidden behind what, on first impression, is a moderately sized pub. A beautiful spot for any wedding.

Holy Trinity Church - Margate

Holy Trinity Church is located in the seaside town of Margate. The original church was built around 1825 but the building was destroyed by a bomb during World War 2. In the 1950's the church was completely rebuilt.

The church is one of the brightest churches I have ever photographed a wedding in. The towering, white internal walls reflect light beautifully from the large stain glassed window above the alter. You can see this light across the bride and groom in the image above.

The Botany Bay Hotel - Broadstairs

This photograph was taken on an extremely cloudy and moody September day but as The Botany Bay Hotel is located on the cliff top, looking out to sea, the light is always exceptional. More than the light I like this photo for the story that it tells, the bride and groom walking towards the camera full of smiles after just being married, the confetti falling behind them and a bridesmaid and friend playing about in the background while nan peers over her sunglasses.

Inside the spot where you are married is again bathed in beautiful window light. Outside you have the beach less than a minutes walk away and the cliff top that looks onto the setting sun makes for a great spot for photos.

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“The skies over Thanet are the Loveliest in all of Europe”