Canterbury Wedding Photographer

Wellington House Wedding Photography

This wedding had three fantastic venues as the couple made the day their own. The weather was not perfect, with the bride arriving at the ceremony under an umbrella, but they did not let a little rain ruin their day. They were full of smiles and laughter throughout.

The wedding ceremony took place at Wellington House, the local registry office in Canterbury. The guest list was kept to only those very close to the couple and they were treated to a wedding ceremony full of smiles. Following the ceremony the bride and groom, along with their guests, headed to the Black Robin pub in Kingston, just outside Canterbury, for their wedding breakfast. After some delicious food the wedding party headed to another pub, The Jackdaw in Denton (near Canterbury), for the wedding reception, along with a much larger group of guests.

Bride laughs with groom at Wellington House Canterbury

My Favorite Photograph

I have chosen this moment as my favourite wedding photo simply because it captures everything that this day was about, happiness. The bride had just walked up the aisle with her dad and was so happy to see her soon to be husband. It is natural and real, moments like this that I like to try and capture at every wedding.

The couple chose not to have a traditional first dance as they wanted to celebrate their wedding in their own way. That did not stop them from dancing together as the music flowed from the band. I love this moment as the groom got down on his knees and hugged his new wife mid dance.

Bride and groom first dance in Canterbury Wedding

This was no traditional wedding dance floor, it was more mosh pit at a rock gig! The band were full of energy and created an absolutely rocking atmosphere, exactly what the couple hoped for.

I was attempting to photograph the guitar player when all of a sudden, the lead singer jumped and did this amazing mid air splits move. The singer jumped out of frame but I still really like this photograph. I feel like it truly reflects the fun, chaos and energy of the dance floor that evening.

Wedding band rocking out

More Wedding Photographs

Below I have included a small selection of photos from this fantastic wedding.

Bride in the rain at Canterbury wedding
bride and groom smile at Canterbury wedding
bride and groom wedding ceremony in Canterbury
ring exchange at a wedding in wellington house
bride and groom pose at the black robin pub
bride and groom pose and smile
kids playing piano at a wedding in Canterbury
Harry Potter themed wedding
groom hugs friend at wedding
groom dancing at wedding
groom and his dad having fun
bride and groom dance at the Jackdaw in Denton
wedding guest having fun on the dance floor
the wedding band having fun
bride and friend singing
wedding guest rocking out on the dance floor
groom kisses friend on the dance floor
groom and bride dancing
groom showing off his dance moves
wedding guests dancing
wedding guests having fun
wedding guest with extreme dance moves
wedding guest very happy and dancing
amazing dance moves on the wedding dance floor
bride and groom kiss on the dance floor
bride and groom dance with a friend
bride and groom rocking the dance floor
groom embraces the bride on the dance floor
groom and sister on the dance floor
bride and groom kiss, close up photo
bride and groom dance with other guests
wedding singer jumping
groom cheering