With the reception being in a meadow behind the church I was not quite sure what to expect, what I found was one of the most natural, beautiful and perfectly suited weddings for a couple that I have ever photographed.

The wedding was held in the stunning St Mary's church with its beautiful wall paintings and a mesmerising stain glass window behind the alter. The reception was held in a meadow behind the church, in this large empty field the couple created something reminiscent of one of their passion, music festivals. The setup had a wonderful fun feeling about it, with hay bales, games, a BBQ and fantastic music, there was nothing pretentious just completely and honestly them.

It was an absolute pleasure to be asked to photograph this wedding and the jubilant atmosphere made for some of my favourite images of the year.

My Favourite Picture

I really like the moment captured in the image above, not only is it a defining moment in the wedding day as the couple sign the register but you can easily see the real honest happiness and joy of the day and so much of the story all in one image.

Most signing the register photos are posed after the actual event, with the couple pretending to sign the register, but to me those images always feel fake, you can almost feel the forced smiles in them. As a Documentary Wedding Photographer I always try to photograph events as they are actually happening such as the actual signing of the register. Taking a few steps back so I am not noticed I can capture the emotion of the real moment as the couple sign the register and legally become husband and wife.


One of my favourite times to capture images is just after the wedding, when the guests are congratulating the couple, it's a great time to capture moments such as this. I am unsure of the conversation that was taking place, to me it looks as if Nan is suggesting what she will do to the husband should he upset the bride...


As above this is another image taken shortly after the ceremony, I love the emotion in this image, the happiness and laughter that was a very common theme throughout the whole day at this wedding.

First Dance

The first dance is another favourite time of mine to capture images full of emotion that help to wrap up and add and ending to the story of the wedding day. After the laughter and fun of the day I feel this image really captures the love between the couple.

As a Documentary Wedding Photographer all of the images are complete unposed, real moments stolen from time for the couple to look back on for years to come.

A Few More Images

I have included a few more pictures from the day below.