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As a wedding photographer it is not often everything comes together perfectly but on this day it certainly did! It was a beautiful, warm June day with soft light, at a stunning venue, and with a dream couple. The wedding day began at the Royal Hotel, in the nearby town of Deal, where the bride, her friends and family got ready before heading over to St Mary's for the wedding and reception.

St Mary's Art Centre in Sandwich is an old church that has been repurposed as an arts hub and events venue. This exquisite building, with all its unique features, can still be used for weddings, which is exactly what this young couple chose to do. There has been a religious building on this site since 600 AD. The church itself has been destroyed and rebuilt several times due to earthquakes and invasions, lastly being restored in 1869. A truly beautiful wedding venue.

groom looking at the bride in a loving way

My Favourite Photograph

As you may be aware, I am largely a documentary wedding photographer, meaning that most of my work is candid and un-posed. For couples that want them, I am more than happy to photograph some posed photos but rarely would they be one of my favourite photos from a wedding. This photo changes that for me because I really do love it, and I do not often say that about my work. I think it's the genuine look of love on the groom's face as he gazes at his bride that really makes the photo special for me. The look is not forced, it is not cheesy, it feels real. After getting to know the couple a little on their wedding day, I also know that they are truly in love with each other.

Foot Washing

What is a feet-washing ceremony I hear you ask? This ceremony imitates Jesus washing the feet of his disciples at the last supper. This ceremony shows the love that the couple have for each other and that they are both equal to each other as they take turns to wash each others feet.

I really like this photo as this moment will hold a special meaning for the couple. I chose to photograph this on a wide lens, not only to give context to the location, but also to give a sense of isolation to the couple as they are locked in this intimate moment together.

groom washing the brides feet in church

The Flower girl

This photo almost made it as my favourite from the whole wedding. During the speeches this little one got a bit bored and wandered quietly to the side of the room and began to dance in the shadows. There was a beautiful pool of light on the floor from one of the large church windows nearby. As she danced into the light I captured this moment of her just being herself and having fun.

flower girl dancing in the window light

More Photos

Below I have chosen a small section of other photos from this beautiful wedding

flower girl jumping n the bed
bride and bridesmaid sat on a bed
father of the bride puts a necklace on his daughter
groom crying when he sees his bride
bride and groom exchange rings
bride and groom smile at each other
the first kiss
groom washes the brides feet just as Jesus did
groom washes brides feet during the wedding ceremony
bride washes the grooms feet In church
guests pray for the bride and groom
father of the bride gives his speech
grooms speech, groom cry's while looking at his beautiful bride
groom holds brides hand during speech
little flower girl dancing in the window light
bride and groom posed photo in Sandwich Kent
bride and groom pose along the river in Sandwich Kent
bride and groom walking along a street in Sandwich Kent
bride and groom cut the cake
father of the groom gives the groom a hug
the first dance for the bride and groom
bride and groom put heads together like rabbits

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