Lockdown Life

As Lockdown has progressed and weddings still being postponed, I have gone through a raft of emotions in relation to my photography business. I am continuing to focus on the positives, this amazing amount of time that I am able to spend with my family. I have continued to document our time together and hopefully will be able to build a collection of images that my daughter can look back on in years to come and remember this time with fond memories.

Life was moving so fast before the Lockdown that I was building an impossibly long list of things to do, that in all honestly would never get done. I have now started to work through this gargantuan list and have started to tick items off. One of the best decisions I have made, and a tick off that list, was to book a portfolio feedback session with another photographer. One who is far more experienced than myself. I have been a great fan of Jeff Ascough for many years and was able to book a session via zoom. This was one of the most valuable learning experiences I have had to date and would highly recommend this to any photographer.

My Favourite Picture

This might seem like a strange choice for my favourite picture considering the images below are of my daughter having fun. What I like about this photo is the story that you can put to the image with your imagination. Everyone will have their own interpretation and see something different in a photo like this. What is the person in the photo thinking? Why are they there on the beach? Where is everyone else?

In reality the image is of my wife who was probably taking a moment away from my constant photo taking as the three of us took a stroll along the beach late one afternoon.

I really like the colours in this image, they seem to compliment each other. The scene captured behind my daughter is also a great reminder of the many times we have walked over the rocks and gone crab hunting during lockdown.

I like the soft tones in this image, the light was falling perfectly as we took one of our lockdown beach walks. To me this is a great memory of the several weeks that we have spent doing short walks along our local coastline covering 15 different bays. Something we would never have been able to do as a family any other time.

A few More Images