Lockdown Life

As a wedding photographer I am used to being in the middle of large groups of people but that is no longer the norm. Life has changed for every single one of us, in some cases this is more drastic than others but we are all affected by the current situation. Even though we may face it alone in our home, with our family or partners one thing is the same, we face this together as separate pockets of people all looking to the future, a future that I am sure we all will be more grateful for and appreciate more deeply.

My profession is derived from my camera but with no weddings to photograph I have been presented with the opportunity to turn my camera towards my own little family almost every day and for me that is a blessing. Not only do I find making pictures a cathartic process but the time we are spending together as a family is magnificent.

For me the document of our family life being created by these pictures is helping remind me how lucky we are right now to be together. I hope in the future this will act as a reminder for my daughter of the good times and the opportunity to be together the lockdown has given us as a family.

My Favourite Picture

It may seem odd to choose such a bleak image as this but I am drawn to filmic, moody black & white images. What draws me to this image is a mixture of the light & shadow, the baroness of the beach mix with the look of deep thought on my daughters face.

We are very lucky to live a few minutes walk from the beach, so we sometimes choose to include this in our daily exercise alternating with walks around our local neighbourhood or through the local parks. On one of our walks in between the chaos of running around and having fun I captured this image of my daughter.

Below I have selected another 5 images that stand out to me from our time together over the last few weeks.


I just love the mood in this image of my daughter on the eve of Easter while she was sat wearing here Easter bonnet.

I got in the way of her watching the TV hence the look I got!

Daily Exercise

It's the smiles on the face of both mother and daughter that I like in this image as we go for our daily exercise through a local park.

Thankfully living in Ramsgate on the Kent coast, we have beautiful stretches of coastline and plenty of nice parks to choose for our daily walk. I am not sure I really appreciated the area before as much as I do now.


I really like effect of the water frozen in time in this photo as mum and daughter have a water fight.

We have been spoiled by the weather for a large part of the current lockdown allowing us to make use of our garden. It is a small space but we have really begun to appreciate it as others are not so lucky and have no outside space.


I like the mood in this image of my daughter waiting for the charcoal to stop smoking so we can start to cook.

We have probably used the BBQ more the last few weeks than we did in the whole of last year!


The light & shadow in this image I think really help make the picture.

We have baked and eaten a years worth of cakes in the last few weeks. I have certainly put a few pound on!

A Few More Images

Below I have selected a few more images from the start of the lockdown up to the 11th April.