Candid Family Photography

I have recently started to offer candid family photo shoots. These shoots are designed to capture real moments, those natural interactions between you and your family while doing the things you normally do. They capture genuine laughs and real smiles. There is no posing and no saying cheese. Most importantly they capture the whole family. The family member who is always taking the photos is now part of the photograph and in that memory forever.

Below I have included a selection of images from a recent candid family photo shoot that took place in Walmer, Kent.

My Favourite Image

I really love this little moment between dad and daughter. I am a dad to a little girl myself and there is no better feeling for me than when my little girl runs over to me to gives me a hug.

The photo itself is rather basic technically but it's little moments like this that these candid family sessions are all about. The moments that you would never normally photograph because you are living them. In the years to come when you're looking back at this type of image the hope is that it will act as a reminder of that special moment and remind you of all the happiness you felt at that time.

If you would like to know more about these candid Family Photoshoots please click HERE.

More Images

Below I have included a selection of images from this family photoshoot.