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Eastwell Manor Wedding Photography

As a Kent Wedding Photographer there are few venues more splendid than Eastwell Manor, a stunning hotel and spa set in the heart of the Kent countryside. This is where Charlotte & Sam had their beautiful wedding in August 2023. My day began at the bridal prep, a quiet affair with just Charlotte, her mum and the makeup artist. The wedding took place in the Maids Garden, a beautiful secluded walled garden with views of the North Downs. Walking up the aisle the bride crosses a short bridge before arriving at the Italian gazebo for the wedding ceremony. The sun was out for the ceremony and continued to be with us all the way through the evening.

Eastwell Manor has a long history and has had some very famous residents. The name "Eastwell" comes from the East Well, a natural spring where Saxon shepherds used to gather water for their flocks back in the time of King Edward the Confessor (1042 to 1066). The original manor was built for Sir Thomas Moyle, a commissioner for Henry VIII, between 1540 and 1550. One of the bricklayers that worked on the site was Richard Plantagenet, the illegitimate son of King Richard III. Much of the current manor was built between 1793 and 1799. Over its 450 year history, some notable residents and guests have visited the manor including, Queen Victoria, King Edward VII and Prince Alfred the Duke of Edinburgh. Today Eastwell Manor is a hotel and a fabulous place for a Kent wedding.

Kent Wedding Photographer Eastwell Manor Wedding

Bride hugging her grandad, Wedding Photography at Eastwell Manor Kent

My Favourite Photograph

I have chosen this as my favourite photo from the wedding because every time I look at it I can feel the warmth and love Charlotte and her Grandad have for each other. There is another photograph a little further down the page that follows on from this moment. It is of the gentleman smiling up at the bride, it was a tough call between those two for my favourite photo. These small intimate and emotional moments that often flash by in a second are what I really enjoy photographing at a wedding. To me it is photos like this that will become the most important pictures to the couple in the years to come.

Another contender for my favourite wedding photograph is this shot of the bride running. It was late on and starting to get dark when the Bride came up to me and asked if she could have a photo of her running in her wedding dress. Not a photo I had taken before but I was more than happy to oblige. Being quite dark (not that you can tell in the photo) I was unsure how this would turn out but I am very happy with the result.

Wedding Photography in Kent Eastwell Manor Wedding

Bride running, Wedding photography at Eastwell Manor Kent

“Good morning James, Sam and I have had some happy tears and much laughter whilst looking over our photos. I want to thank you so much. They are absolutely amazing and stunning photographs!

Thank you for all your hard work, I really appreciate it and love how natural they are. I can't wait to share them with everyone too!”

More Wedding Photographs

Below are a small section of photos from this wonderful wedding at Eastwell Manor in Kent.

Kent Wedding Photographer The brides essentials
Eastwell Manor Wedding , The Wedding Dress
Beautiful Bride Kent Wedding Photographer
Father of the bride - Eastwell Manor Wedding Photographs
Bride walking down aisle with her dad
bride and groom at top of aisle
brides laughs kent wedding photographer
wedding ring exchange at eastwell manor kent
Bride and groom holding hands - wedding at Eastwell Manor
bride and groom laughing  - Wedding Photographer in Kent
The happy couple - Eastwell Manor
bride and groom walking around eastwell manor
candid wedding photograph at eastwell manor
Bride hugs Grandad, Kent wedding photographer
close up of bride hugging grandad
Grandad smiles at the bride - Kent Wedding Photographer
wedding guests hugging bride kent wedding photographer
champagne spray at Eastwell Manor
Bride and groom at eastwell manor Kent Wedding Photographer
The veil wedding photography in Kent
Wedding speeches at Eastwell Manor in Kent
Bride running - Kent Wedding Photographer
Bride running in Black and white Wedding Photographs
Father of the Bride Hugging Groom
Bride and groom Sparkler Photo at Eastwell Manor
The First Dance Wedding Photographer in kent

Congratulations to Charlotte & Samuel on your beautiful wedding day

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