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This wedding was held in the stunning seaside town of Whitstable, but one thing was a little different from most wedding days, there was no ceremony! How does that work I hear you ask? The couple were legally married back in Lockdown, and as I am sure most people will remember, the rules changed quite often so it was practically impossible to arrange a gathering with any certainty. The couple waited until 2023 to ensure they could have the wedding day that they wanted, and what a beautiful wedding day this was. This wedding party took place at the stunning Crescent Turner Hotel in Whitstable, Kent.

I have been a Kent wedding photographer for many years but this was my first time at this venue and I was very impressed. Not only with the gorgeous location but also how friendly the staff were and how they ensured the day ran seamlessly.

This hotel had remained a hidden gem to me as I was completely unaware that it was there, tucked away on a hill in Whitstable overlooking the stunning coastline.

Page Boy at a Kent Wedding Photographer

My Favourite Photo

This little lad was having a fantastic time running around, and for a short while running around with this bucket on his head! As the guests drank their reception drinks he was weaving in and out making people smile everywhere he went. In the final wedding gallery there were a number of photos that included this lad and his bucket but this one was my favourite.

Kids at weddings always make for great photos, they are never worried about how they look, they just want to have fun.

Champagne Spray

I love this fun moment, the couple had a great time firing off the champagne. My rule is to never over pose a champagne spray photo and to just let the fun happen!


Following on from the champagne spray, came this moment that I really like. As the spray stopped, you could see the sheer elation in their faces. A perfect moment, shared just between the two of them. After this the bride gave a cheer to her guests before taking a well deserved swig of champagne.

More Photos

Below I have chosen a small selection of photos from this beautiful wedding party.

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