Godmersham Village Hall

In June 2019 I shot one of my favourite weddings to date but when I took the booking I had not heard of Godmersham Village Hall. I assumed (wrongly) that this would be the standard village hall, which it is but there is one large caveat, the stunning backdrop that the hall hides behind it! As soon as you walk through the hall to the grounds behind you are treated by the rolling hills of the Kent countryside, an absolutely beautiful location for a wedding.

My Favourite Picture

For me, the image above is the epitome of documentary wedding photography, a moment that could easily be forgotten but one that was full of laughter for the couple.

The guests are moving their chairs from the ceremony to the tables just behind me for the start of the wedding breakfast. The couple laughed and joked with their guests as they walked back. I saw this happening and thought it would make a nice picture, a candid moment frozen in time that will help add context to the story of the day.

Checking the Time

I really like this photo much for the same reason that I like the image above, it's unposed and a moment that may not normally be photographed.

The bride and groom had stopped walking, started to quietly talk while checking the time on the groom's pocket watch. A simple moment but still a beautiful one.

Happy Moment

I love the fun captured in this picture. I was inside the village hall when I took this, shooting through an open doorway. I had just finished taking some pictures of the guests as they relaxed inside when I turned round and saw this moment unfolding in front of me. I quickly took three or four very quick images and moved on so as not to disturb the fun these two were having.

First Dance

As the night drew in we moved inside for the first dance. I always take a number of first dance photos and I always like to try to shoot with the guests in the background. I feel this adds to the story within the picture.

The reason I took this picture and why its one of my favourites from the wedding is simply down to the way the groom was looking at his wife, pure emotion.

A Few More Images

I have included a few more pictures from the day below.