The Blue Pigeons in Worth, Kent, is possibly my favourite wedding venue for several reasons. The amazingly friendly, very customer focused team that run the venue over the course of the wedding day, and the absolutely stunning food!

The venue itself is a hotel and brasserie that feels almost custom built for a intimate wedding leading to a great atmosphere. This wedding was no exception, the atmosphere was warm, friendly and the children as always made for some great photo opportunities.

My Favourite Picture

Children at weddings seem to always make for great photos and this wedding was no exception. In the image above the five children gathered around a small tabletop game and were taking turns to play. In essence this is a simple image but what I really like is the sense of friendship, fun and love that you can clearly see in this moment.


This picture was taken a few moments after the one above. The flower girls reaction is what I really like about this image. She was laughing with her friends then she looked up and spotted me with my camera and kept laughing.

Winter Cold

As the evening drew in some of the children braved the January cold and ventured outside to play, which is always a great opportunity for some fun candid images.

I really like the colours in this photo, the flower girls dresses and page boys suit really stand out against the green.


In this image I was able to quickly frame both the laughter on the left of the frame with the bride and the handshake between the groom and son in the same image.

I love the mix of fun and honest emotion in this image.

First Dance

One of my favourite parts of the wedding day is the first dance, there is always plenty of opportunity to make beautiful pictures that tell their own little stories. In this image I chose to shoot with the guests in the background to add context to the image showing who was there on the day.

As in the image above it's the emotion in the couples faces that I like about this photo of the first dance.

A Few More Images

I have included a few more pictures from the day below.