Wedding In Ramsgate

It is now Easter 2022 and a lot has happened over the last 2 years. For couples looking to be married in 2020 and 2021 the Covid19 Pandemic caused untold issues and stress. Running a business that is focused on weddings I felt some of this but I could not imagine the pressure of trying to plan one of the most important days of your life during that time. The amazing couple in the photos followed the rules as they were at the time but did not let those or convention stand in the way of having their day as close to what they wanted as possible.

This is probably the most unique wedding I have ever photographed. Not one but two ceremonies, an art class and a tour of the largest network of civilian wartime tunnels in the UK.

Two Ceremonies - One Wedding

In June 2021 we had just started to emerge from the latest lockdown and the UK wedding world was slowly starting to open up but under strict rules. These rules put many restrictions on wedding days including limiting the number of guests allowed into a wedding ceremony. This wedding ceremony was a very small with a handful of guests, just enough to legally be married.

Following the official wedding at Aberdeen House, the couple (now legally married) headed to Liverpool Lawn to have a private outdoor service. Liverpool Lawn was built between 1827 and 1836 and named after the Earl of Liverpool who became the Prime Minister. Sandwiched between the several rows of houses is a small yet beautiful open space for the residents. This informal service was conducted by a friend of the couple in front of a small group of guests spread out on blankets in the shade of the trees. What proceeded was a beautiful, intimate service that perfectly matched this wonderful couple.

Art Class

The couple had their reception at the delightful Albion House on the cliff top in Ramsgate. Following their wedding breakfast the couple arranged for a London based artist to run an art session for their guests. The culmination of this class was that the guests created pieces of art that reminded them of the couple.

Ramsgate Wartime Tunnels

The day ended with a first for me at a wedding, a private tour of a series of WW2 tunnels. The Ramsgate Tunnels opened in 1939 to house the people of Ramsgate during air raids. The tunnels where abandoned after the war in 1945 until they reopened in 2011 as a tourist attraction. Part of these fascinating tunnels is an old Victorian train tunnel that opened in 1863.

A truly unique and wonderful wedding day. Take a look at a few of the photos below.