After 7 months without a wedding due to Covid19 I have now shot 2 Socially Distanced Weddings during September. It was amazing to dust of the work cameras and get back into the photography saddle.

The situation that we are all experiencing has meant drastic restrictions on weddings, at the time of writing this wedding are limited to 15 people and that includes the photopaper. The wedding shown in this blog was from earlier in September when 30 guests were allowed.

The Botany Bay Hotel in Broadstairs, Kent were fantastic and provided a save and friendly environment for Amber & Jamie to celebrate their beautiful wedding with their close friends and family. This was a wedding full of laughter, happiness and fun.

My Favourite Photograph

I have chosen this photo as my favourite image because of the very 2020 moment that it shows. Following the current Government advice once you put on your wedding rings you must use hand sanitiser as a precautionary measure.

Apart from the "sign of our times moment" captured in the image the smiles on the groom, bride and registrar really help make this a nice moment. This positive attitude really reflected the happiness and laughter the couple showed through the whole day even though this was not the day they had initially planned.

I have chosen several other images below that I really like from across the wedding day.


The groom putting on the brides wedding ring, taken shortly before the hand sanitiser photo above.

There are very similar photos of this moment without the registrars in them but I framed this photo to include both registrars and their notes to help add context to the image.

More Smiles

The top table laughing together during the speeches.

I shot this photograph from a slightly lower position crouched by the top table to help give a different perspective across the table.

Even More Smiles

Taken just after the confetti was thrown as we headed outside following the ceremony.

I try to capture moments like this with the guests in the background to help give a sense of context to the photo and to the larger story of the day that the images together tell.

A Few More Photographs

Below there is a selection of images from across the wedding day.