As we are approaching the end of the summer I thought I should take one last look back at a Kent wedding from summer 2019, a time before we had even heard a whisper of Covid19.

Kelly & Barry were married at one of my favourite venues, the Blue Pigeons in Worth. This is a charming pub venue with stunning food, excellent staff and a large garden. Add to that this amazing, happy couple and you have a very beautiful wedding.

My Favourite Photograph

Towards the end of the father of the bride speech I decided to take a few photographs over his shoulder. These were taken from a respectful distance so that I did not interfere with the moment that was developing in front of me. As the speech ended and the guests began to rise to make their toast I shot this frame. I really like mix of elements that make up the image, the speech notes in the dad's hand, the guests raising their gasses and the bride looking at her father smiling at the beautifully personal speech he had just given.

There was lots of laughter during Kelly & Barry's wedding ceremony which reflected their personalities perfectly. A wedding ceremony is quite a short part of the longer day and it can often be very intense for the couple. I always try and capture as many individual moments as possible during that short time to ensure I can tell the full happy story as the couple become husband & wife.

Children at weddings often create some great moments to photograph at a wedding. This was taken just before the cutting of the cake, before the donuts were supposed to be eaten!

A Few More Photographs