Wedding Photography

Documentary Wedding Photography

Throughout this page I talk about my style of photography. I show you some of my favourite images and talk a little about why I took some these pictures. My aim is to help you decide if I am the right photographer for you.

page boy having fun at a wedding reception
Wedding guests laughing at the wedding reception
bride celebrating at her wedding

Photography Style

As you can see from the three images above and below my style is all about capturing real moments as they happen over the course of your wedding day. These are candid moments and not the posed pictures with fake awkward smiles.

A wedding is a very busy day for the bride and groom and they will miss a proportion of what is happening around them. It's my job as the wedding photographer to capture those moments for you. When you sit down and look back on your wedding day in years to come I want you to be able to completely relive the day and maybe even see pictures of moments you missed as the whirlwind of the day swept you by.

bride and groom walking in the park smiling
guests throwing confetti at bride and groom
brides nan smiling at the the bride

How I work

As a documentary wedding photographer I work as discreetly as possible. I never stop or interfere with moments as they happen. I simply capture those moments that I believe will make good pictures. I won't make you pause as you walk down the aisle or jump in front of you to get a photo. I quietly document your day allowing you to enjoy it without worrying about your photography or what the photographer is doing.

bride and groom hugging during the first dance
bride and groom first kiss
bride cheering at the alter with the groom

Telling the Story

To me documentary wedding photography or, wedding photojournalism, is all about telling the full story of the day. Often these are the moments that could have easily gone unnoticed and certainly not recorded through highly posed traditional wedding photography.

A great single documentary image can tell its own little story but sometimes a series of images are needed to help tell the story of that moment. In the below slider there are two images that help tell the story of a moment from a recent wedding. At the drinks reception, shortly after the service, I saw the bride laughing with a relative and took the first image you see below, but I paused for a moment before moving on to see what would happen next and took the second frame of Nan leaning in for a surprise kiss. If I had not paused, anticipating that something would happen, then this little memory would be lost.

Bride laughing with her nan at her wedding
bride being kissed by her nan

In the below slider are three frames taken while the bride and groom were signing the register with their witness gathered around. Normally you only see posed photos mocked up after the register has actually been signed. Here I stepped back and discreetly took a series of frames, three of which you see below. The moment ended with the bride cheering. If I had only photographed the posed set up after this (which I did as well) then this beautiful moment would never have been recorded.

candid photo of bride smiling with the priest
bride signing register
bride celebrating after signing the register


Below are a selection of pictures from a variety of different weddings that I have photographed.

bride and groom dancing the first dance
father of the bride walking his daughter up the isle
groom smiles outside church in Dover Kent
children relax at wedding reception
wedding guests moving chairs around bride and groom
guests throwing confetti at bride and groom
bride and groom wedding blessing at a church wedding
dad walking daughter up the aisle
groom putting wedding ring on the bride
groom laughing with page boy at outdoor wedding